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Paul Ruehl is a Los Angeles based writer, producer, and entrepreneur who has written for seven television shows, sold 15 TV pilots and five movies, and been commissioned to write projects for Brad Pitt, Warner Bros, MTV, FX, and Netflix to name just a few. A graduate of the prestigious Writers Guild Showrunner Training Program, he has blazed a uniquely creative path through Hollywood. But it was as a playwright and independent filmmaker where Paul started his adventure of self-expression culminating in an ultra-low budget indie called “Cashing In” which he wrote, co-directed, starred in, and edited. The film premiered at the Palm Springs Film Festival and the rest, as they say, is history. 


At the core of Ruehl’s work is his belief that the definition of art is in the interpretation of the world around us through an honest, authentic and deeply personal lens. His stories range from a CW comedy surrounding his high school experience as the school’s most notorious virgin, through to an FX project based on the road trip he took in a lime green Volvo exploring the meaning of life and death as he traveled across America to be with his father who had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. 


It was during this road trip, that Ruehl’s life took the hard left turn away from everything he had been groomed to be. A Princeton graduate, following a road his parents, older brothers and society had formed for him, he interned in Washington DC and worked as an analyst for a major bank. But his father’s illness made him realize that whatever he was to do with his life, he had to truly live it, to forge his own examined path. By the time he landed back on the West Coast, he had dedicated himself to a creative existence focusing on works of self-expression, the adventure of life, and the search for love.


Today Ruehl spends half his year working on commissions for studios and networks and the other half traveling the world exploring his own stories. Although he didn’t end up in banking or politics like his parents wanted, his father's teachings didn’t go to waste and he still enjoys actively managing his investment portfolio and keeping track of the arguments on both sides of this divided country. If he’s not on a plane, on a studio lot, or finding a table to write on somewhere, he’s picking up a game of tennis at the nearest club, visiting a local art gallery or museum or dingy music venue in search of inspiration, or keeping up with his passion for baseball and his beloved San Francisco Giants.  

Manager: Management 360

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